Power Of Dancing

Dancing is lot more than a fun way of doing exercise. Dancing releases endorphins which is a feel-good neurotransmitter and it increases our pain tolerance. Dancing not only feels good, it creates bonding among people. Dancing takes away our seriousness which is a serious disease of human beings and makes us more lighthearted and cheerful.

"Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances." – Maya Angelou. Life is a symphony of thousands and thousands of intricate processes. When there is harmony among them, we feel deeply well and peaceful. Losing this harmony is the root of our sickness. Dancing is a natural and elegant way to synchronize our body and mind.

Our emotions are evolved to act in the world (Note: e-motion has ‘motion’ in it). Each emotions prepares our body appropriately for the situation. But people often repress these energies of stress, tension, anger, aggression, pain, longing, etc., and they are accumulated in the body. They severely disrupt our well-being and they eventually find their way out in an unskillful way – like being irritable, physical and verbal abusing, throwing things, driving car crazy, etc.

Dancing is a skillful way to release the accumulated repressed energies – towards proper healing. We can create a habit of dancing regularly – this can be a solo or romantic or whole family thing. We can choose to do a very chaotic dance (as our repressed energies can be chaotic) or high energy dance or very smooth melodious dance… depending on whatever we need in that moment.

A Simple Practice

  • Play a suitable music or your favorite music.

  • Dance for 10-15 minutes. Simply listen to your body and allow it to move whatever way it naturally wants to move; don’t afraid to be silly.

  • Sit quietly for 5 minutes (No need to know any meditation; yet it may just dawn on you naturally).

CK. Kamaraj

10 September 2020


Dancing is mostly focused on the external aspects such as patterns and techniques. But there are internal qualities such as grounding, connection, joy, playfulness, etc. During my mindfulness teacher training, I designed a simple course using dancing as way to introduce mindfulness and meditation concepts and practices. I taught it few times randomly when I was in the west coast. I hope to do it properly sometimes. If anyone is interested or wants to support it, please let me know.