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Mindfulness is our home, our birthright

From where we can navigate our life with dignity and freedom!

Mindfulness Training Program

Discovering our natural inherent strength, clarity and wisdom which opens up new dimensions and possibilities that is skillful and rich. So we can courageously face our problems, and look at them from a new perspective and handle them skillfully.

Mindfulness Holistic Coaching

Skillfully utilizing present life issues and challenges as stepping stones to discover our inherent strength, clarity and wisdom. So we can learn to face our fear step by step, and skillfully handle stress, anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, etc.

Online/Remote Offerings

Both Mindfulness Training Program & Mindfulness Holistic Coaching are offered remotely via online video conferencing (FaceTime, Viber, Whatsapp, Duo, Google Chat, etc.). Convenience of your own place, flexible schedule with your own pace.

"Don't agonize over the past, because the past is gone. Don't worry about the future, because the future is not yet here. There is only one moment for you to be alive, and that is the present moment. Come back to the present moment and live this moment deeply and you'll be free." Buddha

Happiness is an art

An art of enjoying both happiness and suffering fully and properly.

Happiness is courage

Fearlessly facing the reality and open to life just as it is.

Happiness is a practice

A practice to eradicate greed, hatred and delusion, and cultivate harmony, love and wisdom.

Happiness is a habit

Simply a matter of choosing to be happy.

Q&A with Buddha

What's the secret of happiness? Freedom

What's the secret of freedom? Courage

What's the greatest risk? Not taking any

What's the darkest night? Ignorance

What's the best weapon? Wisdom

What's the source of wisdom? Still mind

Who's the dangerous thief? Evil thought

Who's the worst enemy? One's own untrained mind

Who's the best friend? One's own trained mind