The beginning of an authentic journey

Mindfulness Training Program (MTP)

Mindfulness concepts and meditation practices are introduced in a pragmatic way - towards discovering our inherent strength, clarity and wisdom which opens up new dimensions and possibilities that is skillful and rich. Hence we can courageously face our problems, look at them from a new perspective and handle them skillfully. It naturally leads to healing, peace, joy and freedom.

It includes the following key stages:

  • Synchronizing the body and the mind - being fully embodied to tap into the inherent wisdom of our body.

  • Discovering the mind's natural stability, clarity and strength by taming the wild mind with calm abiding.

  • Developing friendship and trust with our own mind by cultivating awareness of the body, emotions and thoughts.

  • Clearly seeing our habitual patterns and reactions, and finding a "space" to respond skillfully.

  • Cultivating loving kindness and fearlessness towards insight and wisdom.

Mindfulness Holistic Coaching (MHC)

Mindfulness and meditation can be best approached starting from where one is at present, as it is more experiential than intellectual, more of "being" than "doing".

With proper practices and approaches, present life issues and challenges can be skillfully utilized as stepping stones to discover our inherent strength, clarity and wisdom. So we can learn to face our fear step by step, and skillfully handle our stress, anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, restlessness, sleeplessness, lack of self-worth, etc.

It also includes:

  • Helping through the mindfulness journey with its concepts and practices towards realizing one's true potential and over-all well-being.

  • Assisting in discovering unconscious blocks, limiting beliefs, interfering habitual patterns and behaviors.

  • Finding ways to sort through myriad demands and distractions with a clarity of knowing one's core values and what is important.

Children & Young Adults Program (CYP)

Today children are growing up in an environment that is far removed from nature and natural way of living. The demands and challenges of the society are very high on their young shoulders. There is so much of stress, worry, anxiety, doubt, confusion, restlessness and fear.

Simple mindfulness and meditation practices and coaching are offered towards better perspective and skillfulness.

  • Tools to handle stress, anxiety, restlessness and fear skillfully.

  • Leads to improved attention, focus, emotional intelligence and flexibility.

  • Better sense of self-worthiness and self-confidence, and over-all well-being.

  • Skillfully balancing work, play and creativity.

  • Planting wholesome seeds that would help them in their life-long journey.

Online/Remote Offerings

All programs and coaching are also offered remotely via video conferencing (Zoom, FaceTime, Viber, Whatsapp, Google Duo, Google Chat, etc.)

Convenience of your own place, flexible schedule with your own pace.

General Guidelines

  • A session is around 1 to 1.5 hours. For children and young adults, it is around 1 hour. Apart from the main topic of the session, it typically includes a short guided meditation, review and Q&A.

  • One can take it as a course or individual sessions. A course consists of 10 sessions. It is recommended to take it as a course for proper development.

  • Typically one session per week. Slower or faster pace is also available depending on student's inclination and other factors.

  • Please Contact for more information.