Offering a mindful space towards our natural healing and joy

About ClearlyKnowing

ClearlyKnowingö offers mindfulness training programs and coaching in many formats and settings in a secular and pragmatic way.

Its mission is to offer an environment to realize natural healing and joyfulness towards overall well-being. Its aim is to bring the light of many compassionate enlightened teachers in a modern form without diluting its essence. Its vision is to minimize suffering in the world towards a more sane society.

About me

I've been trained in few mindfulness and meditation traditions. I have Mindfulness Teacher Training and Certification from Engaged Mindfulness Institute. My deepest gratitude to all my teachers and students who continue to help me on the path.

Once I realized the importance of mindfulness and meditation for our deep well-being, a natural and heartfelt aspiration has grown within me to offer it to others. ClearlyKnowingö programs are the expressions of this aspiration.

CK. Kamaraj