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Clarity >> Insight >> Freedom

Mindfulness is our home, our birthright

From where we can navigate our life with dignity and freedom!

Mindfulness Training Program

Discovering your natural inherent strength, clarity and wisdom which opens up new dimensions and possibilities that are meaningful and rich. So you can courageously face our problems, and look at them from a new perspective and handle them skillfully.

Mindfulness Holistic Coaching

Utilizing your present life issues and challenges as stepping stones to discover your inherent strength, clarity and wisdom. So you can learn to face your fear step by step, and skillfully handle stress, anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, etc.

Online/Remote Offerings

All programs are also offered remotely via online video conferencing—with the convenience of your own place, flexible schedule with your own pace.

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New Book!

What is the root of our suffering and happiness? What is the true nature of our thoughts, emotions and feelings? Art of ClearlyKnowing invites us to take a deep look into the reality of our human condition, so we can skillfully address our stress, anxiety, depression and heartaches—and find our peace, joy and freedom.

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