Dear mind,

Don’t be so predictable –

Repeating the same old thinking;

Stuck with the same old habits.

Every moment offers new possibilities!

You can always change the course!

Dear heart,

Don’t be so predictable –

Losing heart after a great loss;

Closing heart after a heartbreak.

Every moment opens new doors!

You can always have a fresh start!

Don’t be so predictable,

Be bold and outrageous! –

In the moment of raging anger,

Take a breath and relax!

In the moment of great fear,

Touch it gently and smile!

Instead of taking personally,

Laugh at your seriousness!

To those who hurt you deeply,

Forgive them wholeheartedly!

How predictable we are! Always, reacting anger with anger, hatred with hatred. Our mind is constantly obsessed with the past and future. Our ego is greedily chasing and fearfully running away forever. Instead of always retaliating, escalating... can we do something different and courageous?

Life is an adventure. When it becomes predictable, it rots and dies slowly. Instead, can we be bold and outrageous? Not foolishly, not superficially, but deeply and profoundly!

— —

CK. Kamaraj

29 January 2021