Flame of Awareness

The flame of awareness

Constantly burning the past

Be alive in the present

Always fresh and new

Let it burn everything:

Greed and hatred

Anger and aggression

Regrets and worries

Leaving no trace behind

Don't be afraid,

Go through it, live through it

Let it burn completely

Leaving no fear behind

Don't be halfhearted,

Enjoy it, experience it

Let it burn thoroughly

Leaving no craving behind

Don't be frightened,

Touch life directly

Burning beliefs and ideals

Judgments and opinions

Don't be scared,

Open to life as it is

Burning ego and image

Attachments and identifications

Let it burn everything...

Become empty and free

Pure and innocent

Bright and loving


CK. Kamaraj

24 November 2018


Mind accumulates all our incomplete actions and experiences in order to complete them. Since we don’t do or experience anything with complete and total awareness, we go on accumulating many things in our mind. They have become a huge garbage, a huge burden of our life. We carry them around every moment of our life… as craving, greed, jealousy, fear, anger, aggression and resentment. We further accumulate in the name of beliefs and knowledge, and they stand in the way of seeing truth clearly.

Our awareness is the only tool.. the only real power that we have. Awareness is like a flame that can burn away all the impurities of the mind, revealing the pure gold.