Good Investment

Money is a small coin

When it is treated as a big coin,

It becomes an erosive coin

Health is a big coin

When it is treated as a small coin,

It becomes a doomsday coin

Love is a lucky coin

Then it becomes an unlucky coin

It gives intense euphoria

And also deep suffering

It is the most illusory coin

Relationship is a sweet coin

And it is also a bitter coin

It gives meaning to life

And also meaningless drama

It is a bittersweet coin

Friendship is a gold coin

With its most openness

And with least expectation

It is the most beautiful coin

Keep it safe

Ego is a fake coin

As everyone invests in it,

It seems like a real coin

It fools us with temporary gain

Miseries are its real dividends

Mindfulness is a real coin

When we invest in it,

It yields deep peace and joy

And true love and freedom

Treasure it well

(Inspiration: Dr. Kalam)

CK. Kamaraj

20 November 2020