Hotei Asks

Why are you struggling with life?

Why are you fighting against realities?

Earth and sky are there for you

Peace and love are available to you

Joy and bliss are waiting for you

Why are you resisting it with conditions?

Why are you rejecting it with demands?

Why are you closing it with fears?

Why are you so stressful and tight?

What are you trying to achieve?

What are you trying to prove?

Why are you carrying a heavy baggage?

Why can't you just drop it and let go?

Why are you so serious and dull?

Why can’t you just play and enjoy?

What is stopping your ecstatic dance?

What is stopping your roaring laughter?

It's easy to be miserable and pathetic

But it takes courage to be joyful and free!

It's easy to be sad and dull

But it takes courage to laugh!



31 December 2018

Hotei (aka Laughing Buddha) lived around the 10th century in China. He traveled from village to village, and would stand in the middle of the marketplace and laugh. His laughter was so genuine and infectious that everyone would start to laugh. His only message: You are unnecessarily struggling and suffering. There is nothing missing in your life, just have a good laugh!