Mindful Aspiration

Instead of stuck in the past

Or constantly postponing my life to the future

May I wake up to now

Instead of stuck in my worries and mental stories

Or in day-dreaming and fantasies

May I live in this moment

Instead of stuck in the cycle of fear and hope

May I open up to life just as it is

Instead of running away from my pain and heartaches

May I bring my strength to get closer

Instead of desperately trying to control and fix everything

May I bring gentleness and gracefulness

Instead of struggling with the past and impermanence

May I accept the nature of reality

Instead of struggling with ambiguity and uncertainty

May I learn to relax and enjoy

Instead of strengthening my resentments and bitterness

May I cultivate openness and love

Instead of being a slave to my desires and addictions

May I find my freedom

Instead of habitually reacting to my fear and anger

May I bring a mindful space

Instead of babysitting my boredom and craving

May I bring mindfulness

Instead of bombarded by the outside forces

May I bring equanimity

Instead of losing my heart to the outside events

May I bring compassion

Instead of waiting for some outside factors

May I be happy right now

Instead of being miserable

May I be joyful


CK. Kamaraj

June 2016

Loving-kindness Aspiration

May I be safe and free from suffering

May I be happy and healthy

May I have ease of being

May all beings be safe and free from suffering

May all beings be happy and healthy

May all beings have ease of being