Mindfulness in Sickness

After taking my second dose of vaccination, a friend said I might feel a headache, chills and bodyache and suggested taking it easy for a couple days.

A few years back I had a severe flu-like symptoms that lasted about a week. I thought as my body was fighting the viruses, I didn’t have to fight with my body and be stressful. Instead of resisting and struggling, I decided to relax and allow things. Mindfulness is not just about being mindful, but with total relaxation. Calming the body and mind is the first and foremost training of mindfulness practice. Without a relaxed state, the mind is incapable of seeing things clearly. Further, mindfulness is not just about paying attention, but also learning to let go. It is important that we pay attention to our problems and pains and apply skillful solutions. But then we have to let go, instead of constantly bruising our wounds by dwelling on them. Though the mind has a tendency to focus on the pains and aches, I decided to practice bringing my attention back to mindfulness of breathing again and again towards relaxation. I felt rested well and oddly enjoyed my experience!

This is not about achieving super-human capacity. We all have our limitations. But we can expand it and hold it in a bigger container, with a bigger perspective. Afterall, sickness, aging and death are an inherent part of life!