Real Life Matrix

Every pleasure we see and seek is a bait, a trap! This is how life itself is evolved. That’s why Buddha says: what the world consider as happiness, I say suffering; what the world consider as suffering, I say happiness.

We are all trapped in this matrix – where everything and everyone is trying to control, influence and manipulate us… in the name of pleasure, entertainment, love, business, religion, politics, social media, etc. We are all prisoners, slaves in this matrix world, except we are not aware of it. We have been pushed and pulled around…kicked around... dragged around. We are all like a donkey that goes around and around with a heavy load for a tiny carrot.

We get trapped more and more when we chase or run away, when we indulge or suppress. So Buddha taught the middle way. The only real power that we have is our own wakefulness... mindfulness. When we are properly grounded in our being... in our center, we can be free – from where we can witness and experience everything without being bombarded by them.

CK. Kamaraj

07 September 2020