True Freedom

Pain and fear are survival instincts. If they do not have any value, we would not have them in the first place. But everything in life comes with a price. When we are overwhelmed and carried away by fear, we make irrational decisions and suffer. At the same, if we foolishly ignore it, we suffer even more. Many people consider such ignorance as courage. Ignorance may seem like bliss while it lasts, but it is the source of all our suffering. It is very easy to fall into either this side or that side. It takes lot of awareness and understanding to find a right balance.

Truth will set us free. But it cannot be borrowed from someone or some book. If it is borrowed, it is just a belief or mere accumulation of knowledge. Beliefs cannot set us free, they only imprison us. Only our own understanding, our own discovery of truth will set us free. At best, others can show us a way. We have to make our own journey. Attachments to beliefs are just foolish shortcuts that result from our fear and laziness to go deeper.

A major historical event is taking place now. Instead of worrying about haircuts or playing usual political games or getting trapped in the ups and downs, we can use it to sharpen our curiosity and try to understand the complex nature of life and reality. We don't have to be a doctor or a scientist or an expert to do this. We don't have to know every minor details. This is simply about understanding who we are as humans at a basic level and how we are connected with everything else. Such understanding will set us free from many of our chains.

People are playing many kinds of challenges on social media. Here is a very basic understanding challenge:

  • Evolution by natural selection. How all living beings are evolved and connected...

  • Basic molecular biology, structure and mechanism of a living cell. DNA, RNA, gene, genetic code. Gene protein synthesis.

  • Virus, bacteria and other pathogens and parasites. DNA & RNA viruses. How they cause disease... Antibiotics, antiviral drugs, vaccine. How immunity and vaccination work...


CK. Kamaraj

04 May 2020