Why should we meditate? Don't think too much, and don't wait for a good time to begin, simply make a leap!

A friend asked why we should meditate and how to convince others...

There are many great reasons why we should cultivate mindfulness and practice meditation. But often this is not enough for most people to do it. After all, there is no excitement in practicing meditation, and it seems dull and boring. In the end, we simply follow what we intuitively feel good now. Without a certain level of sensitivity and experience of its taste, it can be hard to practice and continue. Simply trying to convince is not going to improve one’s sensitivity and it cannot be sustainable. Convincing is a form of sales pitch, it works well for materialistic or egoistic gain (even spiritual materialism), but tricky for any authentic ways to look into ourselves.

The best approach is simply to jump into it with an open mind and give it a real chance. Don't think too much, and don't wait for a good time to begin. This goes beyond the boundaries of our known unknown! There is nothing much to lose, but every potential for new possibilities. Let go of all assumptions, concepts and ideas, and simply make a leap!

All the best!

CK. Kamaraj

08 March 2021