Payment & Support

Your payment helps to sustain this program and continue to benefit many others. Let the light of mindfulness and meditation spread in the world towards peace and joy!

Thanks for your support!

Credit/Debit or Google Pay:

For a session or multiple sessions or a course.

Through PayPal:

For a session or multiple sessions or a course.

General Guidelines

  • A session is typically around 1.5 hours. For children and young adults, it is typically around 1 hour. Apart from the main topic of the session, it typically includes a short guided meditation, review and Q&A.

  • One can take it as a course or individual sessions. A course consists of 10 sessions. It is recommended to take it as a course for proper development.

  • Typically one session per week. Slower or faster pace is also available depending on student's inclination and other factors.

  • This guideline is for per student, face-to-face or online sessions. For other options or any other questions, please contact.

Per Course Price: $400*

  • A course consists of 10 sessions.

  • Please pay for the full course before or after the first session.

Per Session Price: $45*

  • Please pay it before or after each session.

* This is basic amount to sustain the program. If you want to support further, please feel free to do so.

* If you cannot afford to pay the amount, please contact me to discuss other options.