Meaning Of Life

People are so trapped in their ego that they spend their life building, strengthening and protecting it. The moment they gain a bit deeper insight and intelligence, they see the meaninglessness of the whole thing. Then they look for some deeper meaning and purpose in their lives. When life is filled with so much pain and struggles, finding some meaning and purpose gives them some comforts. As Nietzsche puts it: If you have a why to live, you can bear almost any how. So they desperately search for the meaning of life. One way or another, most people take the blue pill, successfully deluding themselves. Others stuck with the red pill bearing the unpleasant truth. Either way, they suffer.

When we build objects and things such as chairs, tables, houses and computers, we give them their meaning and purpose. Meaning is a means to some end; purpose is some utility. We are not mere objects and we don't need any such meaning or purpose. That's our freedom and beauty! We don't have to degrade ourselves into objects and things. We are marvelous expressions of the universe!

When we build our ego, we unwittingly reject our deep love and joy. That's the root cause of our problem. When we fully wake up and drop our ego, we can taste bliss. Then life simply becomes a celebration!

CK. Kamaraj

04 December 2020