Beyond Compromise

Compromise in love

Compromise in marriage

Compromise in family life

Compromise in professional life

Compromise between lovers

Compromise between husband and wife

Compromise between parents and children

Compromise between employer and employee

Compromise with family members

Compromise with extended relatives

Compromise with neighbors and others

Compromise between political parties

Compromise between ideologies

Compromise between countries

All of these are –

Compromise between attachment and freedom

Compromise between desire and reality

Compromise between fear and hope

Compromise between ego and weakness

Compromise between happiness and misery

Life is a compromise –

Compromise between life and death

Compromise between evolutionary struggles

Life is a compromise – not how we live

When we bring clear understanding,

Harmony develops beyond compromise

When we embrace wholeheartedly,

Appreciation grows beyond compromise

When we destroy ego and arrogance,

Peace blossoms beyond compromise

There, love and happiness flourish!

Compromise is to do it half-heartedly, even if we don’t like it fully – as there is no other better alternative. Harmony is to bring clear understanding and do it wholeheartedly. So, rather than what we do, it depends on how we do it, and with what kind of mindset we do it. When we don’t do anything wholeheartedly, it not only increases our dissatisfaction and suffering, it further undermines the quality of our action.

Although it may be wise to compromise with others sometimes, developing harmony in our life is the way towards peace, health and happiness. Although it is better to compromise than to fight constantly, yet it is a pity when life becomes just a compromise. It takes strength to say that a painful loving life is worth more than a pleasurable unloving life. It takes courage to say that an uncomfortable open and free life is worth more than a comfortable prison life.

When life is based on desire, fear, controlling and ego, it becomes a compromise. When it is based on understanding, courage, love and care, it becomes a harmony.

— —

CK. Kamaraj

31 December 2020